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Pilates & Barre: Corporate

Corporate Pilates


Bring Pilates & Barre to your office!

We have a variety of options available and are always happy to work with you to tailor our Pilates & Barre classes for your needs.
Pilates Adventure was created with corporate people in mind, aiming to bring Pilates and wellbeing to the workplace with classes that meet the needs of each office or building.

Corporate Pilates benefits

Our Corporate Pilates classes will have you feeling charged up and ready to tackle your action list by:
– reducing stress levels  – increase focus levels  – lengthening and stretching your body  – giving you a whole body work out.

Corporate Barre benefits

Barre classes provide a fun way to exercise and challenge your body through a unique combination of:
– strength  – flexibility  – cardio intervals –  and high energy dance music.
Warning: they are really addictive!

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