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Welcome to Pilates Adventure!
My name is Constantina – think of me as your wellness cheerleader.

My goal is to inspire you to live healthy and happy lives through my Pilates Adventure and wellbeing journey.

My passion for Pilates led me to leave my career as a Marketing Executive and dive into my Pilates and well-being adventure. I love sharing my journey through my blog and Pilates classes, aiming to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives.

Constantina @ Pilates Adventure


In my “past life” I had an office job with long hours, deadlines, stress, no time for exercise and taking care of my wellbeing. I was putting on weight and my lower back was constantly in pain – I remember I just couldn’t find a spot in my office chair without my lower back being in pain. It wasn’t until I attended a career development course where the presenter was asking everyone about their career goals. All I kept coming up with in my mind was that “I want to be healthy and happy”.
That was the moment I realised that I was not on the right path. If I was to achieve my goals action needed to be taken! I had been doing Pilates on and off for years and loved it but hadn’t had time for it lately. So, I decided to follow my passion for Pilates, I quit my job and enrolled to a full-time Pilates course, the rest is history. I am now a Certified Pilates Instructor, work in multiple studios and run my own business teaching Pilates to corporate clients.
Through my Pilates Adventure I have met some amazing Pilates Instructors and Educators that I look up to including Brent Anderson, Blossom Leilani Crawford and Shelly Power.

With Blossom Leilaniat the 2013 PAA-4

Pilates has completely changed my life! My own well-being has improved and I look forward going to work as I love helping my clients experience the joy of body movement.

Professional Bio

Constantina Kottaridis is the creator of Pilates Adventure. She was first introduced to Pilates in 2002 and her love for it was instant, as she appreciated how it provided a holistic workout by challenging both her mind and body. Her passion for Pilates and well-being kept growing and Constantina decided to leave her successful career as a Marketing Executive to follow her Pilates dream.
Constantina studied with Polestar Australia and is now a qualified Pilates Instructor. Her classes focus on helping her clients experience the joy of body movement by designing classes that exercise both the body and mind; while at the same time giving options to accommodate for different levels and body needs.
Constantina’s love for Pilates has led her to found Pilates Adventure to share her passion for Pilates and well-being.


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