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Real Men Do Pilates

Real Men Do Pilates

Real Men Do Pilates

Men joke with me all the time that Pilates is for girls… I find it hilarious because it’s so NOT true! Pilates was created by a man, Joseph Pilates. He created this form of exercise to strengthen his entire body.

Pilates had a background in boxing and was a self-defense instructor for detectives at Scotland Yard. Nothing girly about that, right? The man was even asked my German officials to teach his fitness method to their army – but he declined, as he didn’t agree with their political views.

Somewhere along the line Pilates, as a form of exercise, became more popular with women. But don’t let that fool you! Whether you do mat, allegro or studio Pilates is a demanding form of exercise. Check out the video below for a little taste:

Pilates Benefits:

Improve your posture Pilates strengthens your core and makes you more aware of your posture. It won’t add extra inches to your height but you will walk out feeling and looking taller as you’ll know how to carry yourself.

Iron muscles – Pilates isolates muscle groups and uses your own body weight as a resistance form of exercise. This makes it great for muscle tone and strength without straining your joints. Perfect for practicing it well into your Golden Years!

Joseph Pilates at age 57 &  82 - not bad at all!

Joseph Pilates at age 57 and 82 – not bad at all!

Focus better – Pilates improves your ability to focus (We can all do with a bit more of this!) In traditional workouts you can get away with passively moving through your routine. Whereas Pilates requires you to focus in order to activate the right muscles so you can perform the exercise correctly.

Cut down your injuries – Pilates is awesome for protecting yourself from injuries. That’s why many athletes use it both for rehab and injury protection. Just to list a few: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Jason Kidd.

Obviously the difficulty level will vary depending on whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. Like anything you got to learn how to walk before you run. All the advance movements build on a solid foundation. But trust me, if you do it right it won’t be easy. Pilates will challenge you and make you a stronger man!


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