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When Dressing for Pilates

When Dressing for Pilates

When Dressing for Pilates

Before we get into what I believe are the musts and the no nos when it comes to dressing for Pilates, I’d like to clarify that I wrote this post to help clients and especially those of you who might be newbies in the Pilates world. My intention is to help you choose the right clothes from your existing wardrobe and not to convince you to invest in a new Pilates outfit. That said, if you’re looking for an excuse to go shopping then this post can justify your new purchases – for all the fashionistas out there, there is no lack of fun to be had when dressing for Pilates!

General advise:

  1. Dress to move – Pilates is a movement class so you need to be able to move with no restrictions. So when dressing for Pilates ensure you wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely.
  2. Fitted clothes – this will help your instructor have a better idea of your posture, body alignment and muscle use in the various movements allowing for more accurate cues on how you can improve your practice.Pilates
  3. No smelly socks – for OH&S purposes it’s best that you wear socks and of course it’s best that they are clean as nobody enjoys the aroma of a classmate’s stinky socks while focusing on their mind-body connection. My advise is to have a spare pair of socks for your Pilates class.
  4. Avoid strong scents – often studios request to steer away from strong scented perfumes or moisturises – I’ve been in classes where I could swear one of the students “showered” with their Chanel No5! Even if the studio doesn’t request it, it is always nice to take it easy with perfumes out of courtesy for all other students.
  5. Less is more – when it comes to accessories and jewellery it can make things uncomfortable if you’re wearing your Rolex and trying to roll your arms on a foam roller… even worse accessories like earrings and long necklaces can get caught on equipment…ouch!
  6. Hairy situation – if you have long hair it’s best to put it up in a pony tail or even better a bun. I have long hair myself and trust me last thing you want when you’re focusing to get the position right is your curls in your face. Even worse hair can get caught in equipment and that’s just no fun.


  1. Keep things in place – in Pilates your body gets to move in all directions, you might need to lie on your tummy, on your side or be inverted… so if you don’t want to take “the girls” for a show choose a bra that gives you adequate support.
  2. Choose bottoms for your bottom – this depends on how much you care if others can see your g-string through your leggings or if they can see your cheeks under your tinny shorts. Often you’ll need to be in the quadruped position (in all fours) or pike your bottom to the sky – that’s when good coverage comes handy!


  1. Shorts – I’ve yet to see a guy walk in the class wearing leggings, but if you like wearing them then Perfecto, Pilates is a class you can rock in them! For everyone else that would go for the shorts option here’s a couple of pointers. As mentioned above under the “Ladies” section, in Pilates you get to move in all directions. You will need to raise your legs and be in Pilatesinverted positions, so this is what I would advise if you prefer to leave something to the imagination:

 – Longer shorts: (i.e. going over your knees) and made out of stiff   material would be great as they won’t roll up when you go in inverted positions.

 – Short shorts: If you are going to wear short shorts or shorts made out of a softer material then you might want to wear lycra cycling shorts under so that even if your shorts roll up you don’t reveal anything you don’t wish to the class.

I hope you enjoyed the post and found the above points helpful, as always feel free to post any questions you may have and I’ll gladly get back to you.

Happy hundreds!

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