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Career Change: Do You Love Mondays?

Career Change: Do You Love Mondays?

Career Change: Do You Love Mondays?

For the first time in my life I can, hand on heart, say that I looove Mondays! I have totally changed career paths and I look forward to the beginning of each week.

I’m so over the moon about what’s going on in my life that people feel the positive vibes. To my surprise they often open up and confess that they too dream of a career change and ask me for tips. Which makes me wonder… how many people out there are in a job they no longer love? and how much happier the world would be if everyone worked in a field they were passionate about?

Hence, I’m dedicating this post to all the lovely people out there that their career has taken them to a place from which they cannot flourish. Now just to be clear, changing careers is not a piece of cake! However, it’s definitely worth it (in my books) if it means you get to look forward to your Monday each week. After all “how we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives”, as Annie Dillard says.

So, where does one start? Bellow are some tips as to what to consider before handing in your resignation:First

First Things First – Are you sure you’re not happy in your current career? Or are you maybe not happy with the culture of the current company you’re working? If it’s the second you should be looking for another job instead of a new career. Be clear of what is it that doesn’t sit right with you at your work culture so you know what to look for when applying. Register yourself with a recruitment agency and start searching for jobs on sites such as Seek and Career One.

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo – If the culture is not the issue and your field is what stinks, start researching the career paths that interest you. Aim to narrow it down to two or three that you can then research in more depth.

Dig Deeper – Once you have a more clear idea, find out if you need formal qualifications for your new career path. For example in my case, I needed to be a qualified Pilates instructor before I could start rocking up at studios as a teacher.Tick Tock-2

Tick-Tock – How long it would take to get any qualifications if needed. Also, look at whether there is a part-time study option as you might need to be working to support yourself or your family while studying.

Costs Involved  How much would it cost to undertake any necessary qualifications? Think of hidden costs too such as, textbooks or material.Cost

How green is the grass on the other side? – Research how easy it is to get a job in your dream field and get an idea of the expected salary. This is particularly important if your financial responsibilities include thing such as: providing for your family or paying off your mortgage.

Having answers to all of the above is a good starting point to plan your steps, and make informed decisions.  There can never be such thing as too much research when it comes to a big career change.


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